EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 launched with €15 billion over first two years

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13 December – The European Commission has for the first time presented calls for projects under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s €80 billion research and innovation programme. Worth more than €15 billion over the first two years, the funding is intended to help boost Europe’s knowledge-driven economy, and tackle issues that will make a difference […]

Public opinion and voting behaviour in Europe. Open lecture on 20 December

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13 DECEMBER 2013 – How did the public express their will regarding integration in the European Union in past and recent times? And what does this say about the general voting behavior in the EU? Dr Jos Elkink from University College Dublin will match factual evidences drawn from history with theoretical explanations to look at the “Public opinion and Voting […]

The communication revolution in early-modern Europe. Open lecture on 13 Dec

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6 DECEMBER 2013 – The coming of the printed book in the mid-fifteenth century is seen as one of the crucial markers of modernity, transforming the communications landscape of Europe and beyond. The book is fundamental to how we conceptualise the age: our progress-orientated view of the period depends crucially on our sense of the […]

The creation of modern Europe, 1798 to today – Open lecture on 6 December

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29 NOVEMBER – A basic historical knowledge of key events and processes in Europe during the last 200 years is indispensable to understand many of the current political, economic and social discussions that are taking place in the continent and beyond its borders. This is the view that Dr Daniel Siemens, from University College London, […]

Environment and water protection in the EU. Open lectures on Nov 28,29,30

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22 NOVEMBER 2013 – Water resources, as well as other natural resources, are an important concern in the EU’s interests. The European Union has set up a series of laws and regulations to protect its environment and to develop it in a sustainable way and the management of water is a key part of that […]

How Europe is becoming an economic and monetary union-Open lecture 22 Nov

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15 NOVEMBER 2013 – There are various possible levels of economic integration: the free trade area, the customs union, the common market, the monetary union and the economic and monetary union. The organisation now known as the European Union has taken giant strides to becoming an economic and monetary union. During his open lecture at […]

Researchers’ Night 2.0. Meet your international colleagues in Beijing

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7 NOVEMBER 2013 – Are you a PhD candidate or a postdoc, from any field of research, who lives and studies in Beijing? Would you like to meet other members of Beijing’s local and international research community, but don’t know where to find them?  The European University Centre at Peking University,  EURAXESS Links China, thinkINchina and […]

The status of humanities in contemporary Europe. Open lecture on 15 November

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5 NOVEMBER 2013 – Humanities: a wide and challenging field for European researchers, in an academic environment that requires a multidisciplinary approach while also changing its publication cultures. Professor Margaret Kelleher from University College Dublin will outline the current debates regarding the condition of humanities in the continent in her open lecture “The Status of […]

The European economic growth, and crisis. Open lectures on Nov 1 and 2

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25 OCTOBER – From the economic growth after the Second World War to the current economic recession, in European integration economics and politics have been strictly connected. Two lectures, to be held on Friday, 1 November and Saturday, 2 November will analyse the trends, challenges and consequences of this relation in the past decades as […]

The idea of Toleration in European thinking. Open lecture, 25 October

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Jose Luis Colomer

18  OCTOBER 2013 – When it came to the shaping of modern Europe, toleration was one of the most important ideas involved. A key concept for the evolution of the continent in the past, it is being questioned again in today’s multicultural Europe. To understand its relevance in the past and present, Prof. Jose’ Luis […]